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What is the $100 Down Program

Have you seen our advertisements “Buy A House With $100 Down”?  If so, then you are probably wondering if it is really true.  That’s probably why I am always asked  “can I really buy a house a with only $100 down”?  

YES!  You absolutely can a buy a house with as little as $100 down.

Don’t believe the hype!  Don’t believe the media!  You do NOT need $10,000 or $15,000 down to buy a house!  You only need $100.  

I started my real estate career helping people that were credit challenged or CASH challenged.  I have now become an expert in making home ownership dreams become a reality.

How does the program work?  This is it in a nutshell…
I get your basic application information.  I send your basic application over to my preferred lenders that understand how my program works.   If you qualify immediately, we let you know what documents we need to have a solid approval.  From there, the next is the fun step…..we start looking for houses based on your criteria we have discussed.  Once we finally find that home that is right for you, I start the negotiating with the seller.   Once we have reached an agreement, we go to closing and you actually purchase the house with as little as $100 down.HUD properties are those properties that have mortgage insurance by FHA (Federal Housing Administration).  These loans have been foreclosed on by the bank because of non-payment by the previous owner.  
These properties are properties that you can purchase with $100 Down. No Gimmicks!  No fine print!  True $100 Down to purchase.  Most other programs require a minimum of 3.5% to purchase
For a complete list of these houses, please provide your information below.  This next page you will see is the OFFICIAL HUD listings, complete with pictures, bidding periods, and property reports.

This is a HUD-owned property. To view all HUD properties available for sale in Georgia, please visit


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